Hey Dude

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Hey Dude,
We’re kinda sad,
We thought you’d always
Stay seven years old
But even when all is said and done
You will still be our little one.

Hey Bro,
We hope you know
That we’ll always
Stay by your side
The day before your homework is due
We will be there,to do it for you

And even if we make a scene
Don’t bust a spleen
Hey Dude, it’s just love
Please show affection.
And though we know that we are crude
And mean, and rude,
It’s all for your good
Trust us we’re older

Hey Flink,
You know we think,
There is no one
Quite like you in this world.
You’re funny, and charming, and hip
But sometimes you really should get a grip.

And anytime you feel some strain
Don’t try cocaine.
Just stick to your sports
You are our champion.
Some more advice from us to you
Hey Dude, stay true
Stay caring and kind
Don’t pass the ball too much.

Hey Dude,
Let’s wrap this up,
We’d like to wish you
A Happy Birthday
Remember that we will keep having fun
Cause you’ll always be our little one.

כנגד בן רביעי דברה תורה
אחד חכם
ואחד רגיש
ואחד שעושה עצמו תם
ואחד שיודע לדרוש

עוד מינקות כשהיית יוצא לקניות,
ודורש מאמא ממתקים ושטויות.
כשנוכחת שהיא נחושה לסרב,
ביקשת “אז קני לי דבר שאינני אוהב”
כמו כל בן-זקונים החי חיי מותרות
המודע שלאחיו אין כאלה זכויות
ברשותך, אנחנו רשאים כל יום לבלות
אבל רק כמה דקות. quali ביחד ב-

זו לצד זו שוכבות בסל התכונות
דקות הבחנה, מקוריות, ובגרות,
אינטיליגנציה רגשית, נחישות וזריזות
ומה לעשות, קצת “פיין-שמקריות”.
תפוח תאכל רק אם הוא חתוך,
בשנתך תתכסה רק בשמיכת פוך
נעליך עולות סכומי עתק,
תסלח לנו טיןטין אתה מפונק!

פורט על גיטרה, מנגן על פסנתר
למד קרן-יער, .
זנח את התופים לטובת סקסופון
כנראה שרצה למנוע אסון.
מתאמן שעות על מגרשי משחקים
בשארית כוחותיו קורא בספרים.
מה הפלא שצריך לעשות בשבילך שיעורים…

אך עם כל זאת, אין ברירה אלא להתמודד
seniority ו-shit cycle עם חוקי ה-
שלא תתישב באוטו מקדימה בשוגג.
קצת לא נעים על שעלייך היינו עובדים
ואתה ילד טוב, ולאחים גדולים מאמינים.
זה לא טעים, מצטערים. Wassabe כפית של
מה שאתה מוכן לעשות בדולר זה פשוט מזהים.
ובנסיעות ארוכות לא משתעממים
כי תמיד לך אנחנו מציקים.

אם ננסה למצוא מסעדה בה תאכל
תהיה ברירת המחדל.Tony Romas

אתה יכול להרגע, “לשיר” סיימנו,
אך את מילות הברכה, רק התחלנו…
קצת קשה לנו לעכל
שאחינו הקטן מצוות מקבל.

We have so many things that we still want to say
That go on and on, and we can’t sing all day.
So instead, we will do our best to speak from our heart,
But who the hell even knows, where to begin? Where to start??

Though you are the youngest, from you we have much to learn,
You have excellent taste, for which we all yearn.
And by excellent taste, we mean anything expensive
For the “פיין-שמקר” you are finds cheap things offensive.

At Payless, for instance, where our shoes we go buy
You spit in disgust, glance away and then sigh.
Perhaps in Nordstrom, you’ll find something nice?
Though something from a catalogue online would suffice.

We should learn from you that presents should be hoarded
No holiday or birthday, goes by unrecorded
Come summer vacation, when Ima thinks she’s in the clear,
You come with demands, which you’ve “saved up” all year.
Only you have the will power, to delay your pleasure,
Knowing that if you wait a bit longer, you’ll double your treasure

Can you also please teach us to play all your tunes?
Guitar, french horn, and piano on late afternoons.
We’ll save the mornings for the sax and the flute,
For practicing three hours you deserve a salute!

And how do you get Osmo to forgive you, after you guzzle his drinks?
You drink all your Gatorade, and then gulp down his when he blinks.
Let us know how a strawberry dipped in wassabe you managed to eat,
For the single dollar we offered? I’d say it was an impossible feat.
A cruel combination, but a true story still,
We’re sorry you ate it, and became quite ill.

So we ruined sushi for you, but beef you still like,
Tony Roma’s, you want? Or a hunger strike?
You’re going to need a much stronger case
That includes something other than sauce on your face
Even now, after you’ve been “Tony Roma’s” deprived
It seems that somehow you actually survived!

Please teach us your ways, of how you always win,
Even when Ima is fuming, you can get her to grin.
How? We all ask… a minute ago she could kill…
It’s a wonder how charm and humor become a life skill.

I suppose that your humor is an unteachable trait
So we’ll leave the jokes to you; you were the funny one since you were eight!
Your wisdom is also a quality that is rare,
You know when to glance, when to look, when to stare.
You know whose buttons need not be pressed
And when to back off, when your siblings are stressed

We rapidly adopted “qualie”- your greatest invention
It’s brilliance is completely beyond comprehension
The best way, by far, to discuss what went on in our day,
It is our time to catch up, to laugh, and to play.
Though you’re always in the middle, and this you’ll deny
But since you’re the creator, you can have it, no lie.

Unfortunately you’re stuck with three siblings that are older,
In order to sit shotgun, you’ll have to be bolder.
The law of seniority is one set in stone,
And knowing us, we probably won’t throw you a bone.
But we aren’t too worried, knowing how stubborn you are,
If you set your mind to something, we know you’ll go far
(even, in time, sitting in the front seat of a car)

Tin Tin you know, you’ll always be seven to us,
Even on your bar mitzvah, we’ll make the same fuss.
We will try our best, and try to learn how you do what you do,
We probably wont succeed, but in any case, just know we love you.