Itamar’s Brit בריתמר

And on the fifteens day of the month of Iyar, on the thirtieth day of the Omer, in the five thousandths seven hundredth and seventy-seventh year of our lord, the Mohel almost cut Itamar’s dick off. No, it was not that he was careless or inexperienced. It’s just that every infant’s circumcision, by definition, is a hair’s breadth away from nipping a penis in the bud. This is why most Jewish fathers forgo the honor and summon experienced Mohels to perform the mitzvah. How Mohels gain the required sleight of hand to cut with such precision remains a mystery. A rule of thumb suggests that Mohels are at their prime between ages of forty and sixty. Gray hairs on a Mohel’s beard raises the odds that the ritual will be performed successfully. Pubic hair under their fingernails is a sign that the Mohel’s recent experience is mostly with older people, where there is more material to work with, and the margins of error are larger. In such cases, it is best to seek another Mohel for your newborn. Indeed it is a terrifying operation, performed without medical staff on hand, in front of a crowd of hungry people, who came for the food and would have eaten anything. Fortunately, all went well, and babies learn to forget. Therefore we’re happy to share the pictures.

IMG_3444.JPG IMG_3445.JPG IMG_3446.JPG IMG_6048.jpg IMG_6049.jpg IMG_6050.jpg IMG_6051.jpg IMG_6052.jpg IMG_6055.jpg IMG_6058.jpg IMG_6059.jpg IMG_6060.jpg IMG_6061.jpg IMG_6062.jpg IMG_6064.jpg IMG_6065.jpg IMG_6067.jpg IMG_6069.jpg IMG_6070.jpg IMG_6071.jpg IMG_6072.jpg IMG_6073.jpg IMG_6074.jpg IMG_6078.jpg IMG_6079.jpg IMG_6080.jpg IMG_6081.jpg IMG_6082.jpg IMG_6083.jpg IMG_6084.jpg IMG_6085.jpg IMG_6086.jpg IMG_6089.jpg IMG_6090.jpg IMG_6091.jpg IMG_6095.jpg IMG_6096.jpg IMG_6101.jpg IMG_6102.jpg IMG_6106.jpg IMG_6107.jpg IMG_6108.jpg IMG_6109.jpg IMG_6110.jpg IMG_3511.JPG IMG_3513.JPG IMG_6111.jpg IMG_6113.jpg IMG_6115.jpg IMG_6116.jpg IMG_6118.jpg IMG_6119.jpg IMG_6120.jpg IMG_6122.jpg IMG_6123.jpg IMG_6126.jpg IMG_6130.jpg IMG_6135.jpg IMG_6136.jpg IMG_6137.jpg IMG_6138.jpg IMG_6140.jpg IMG_6141.jpg IMG_6145.jpg IMG_6146.jpg IMG_6150.jpg IMG_6151.jpg IMG_6154.jpg IMG_6156.jpg IMG_6159.jpg IMG_6160.jpg IMG_6167.jpg IMG_6168.jpg IMG_6169.jpg IMG_6170.jpg IMG_6171.jpg IMG_6174.jpg IMG_6181.jpg IMG_6182.jpg IMG_6184.jpg IMG_6185.jpg IMG_6186.jpg IMG_6189.jpg IMG_6190.jpg IMG_6191.jpg IMG_6192.jpg IMG_6193.jpg IMG_6200.jpg IMG_6202.jpg IMG_6223.jpg IMG_6224.jpg IMG_6227.jpg IMG_6234.jpg IMG_6238.jpg IMG_6239.jpg IMG_6240.jpg IMG_6243.jpg