Carbfest 2016 – אין לחם יאכלו עוגות

A summer in Israel worked wonders for the fat reserves of everyone involved. Unfortunately after being back in the US for two weeks and doing daily workouts, family carb intakes and BMIs were in freefall. Desperate times call for desperate measures so Imma invited her second cousin to an emergency baking marathon. Masters of dough and pastries, together they stocked the dwindled carbohydrates stock like never before. BMIs are expected to begin rising again within a day or two. Worst case they’ll add a bucket of hummus.

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Oxymorons and other bad jokes

Priority luggage


Also in this category are ‘legroom’, ‘choice of meals’, ‘free to move about’, ‘catering the plane’, ‘friendly skies’, ‘water landing’, ‘arm [w]rest’…

Nutritional value of water


Everything but the kitchen sink

This is a corner case.

Ice [cube] maker


Makes one large cube of ice which cannot be dispensed, much like ‘shitting a brick’.



Water bottle sold in Flint Michigan

Floor Samples

Food does not grow on trees

Health Benefits vs Taste Benefits

Just in Time