Happy Birthday Imma

The Book of Mormon
Yes this is Elder Child
No, I haven’t checked my mail
I dont have time to look
No this is Sufi Fluk.
Yes I’m fine, Hakol Beseder
but I really have to go.
One sec
Now you’re on speakerphone
You have to come home now
this meal will simply  change your life.
Yes this is Oskersheesh
Ding dong I am on a date right now
she’s not my future wife
You have reached Elder Young
please don’t leave a message
kuz  I wont return your call
You won’t
believe what happened now
You’ll just have to tell me soon
I’m sure you didn’t p[ay
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok.
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok.
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok.

We can’t really explain it
We haven’t got the words
It’s like she’s always in control
I suppose it’s like we’re getting,
Lectures in our head,
And at the same time,
It makes us feel at home,
And now I miss the chewing,
chewing in my ear,
And I’m listening, and I’m listening
And suddenly it’s clear
Nothing’s ever changed
She’s always on my side
Let’s turn the volume down tho’
you’re impossible to hide
And suddenly I’m trying
trying to be heard
But you’re not listening
Still not listening
But that’s fine with me

Why get some work done or study today?
When Ima is down to play
You make our problems go away
Never settle for curds and whey
Keep on pajamas and don’t leave your room
The pooch is the place to stay
Seize every moment, enjoy today
And life will go your way
Come hear us whine
Come lend a hand
We need you here
We’ve been debating, your opinion
We’re awaiting
What good’s permitting some prophet of doom
To wipe every smile away
Happy birth-day to you, dear mum
Happy birthday to you!

Ima she has a powerful hand
From an early age made us all go to band
We knew we were doomed from the day we were born
Poor little Flink got stuck with a horn
Whatever she did we would put up a fight
But now we admit, we were wrong you were right
No one had rights or a vote but the queen
We hopped in the car till all plays were seen

All that Jazz
Come on, Kids, we’re gonna see the show
For the fifth time
We don’t have tickets but we need to go
Stand in this line
Hold my bag
I gotta stash that cash
Dont linger here
So I can make a dash
There’s enough for three
But that’s enough for me
And the rest

Everyone a Little Bit Lacist
She’s a little bit racist
Well, we’re a little bit too
I guess we’re all a little bit racist
Admitting it is not an easy thing to do
But I guess it’s true
Between me and you
I think everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes
Doesn’t mean we go around committing hate crimes
Look around and you will find
No one’s really color blind
Maybe it’s a fact we all should face
Everyone makes judgments based on race

Wouldn’t it be Loverly – My Fair Lady 
All I want is a room somewhere
Always grounded when I swear
Raised solely by nanny care
Oh, wouldn’t it be motherly?
Eat your burgers and eat your chips
Dont you dare forge permission slips
Do chores to go on trips
Oh, wouldn’t it be motherly?
Oh, so motherly clearing out the nest completely clean
Finally, everyone’s eighteen!
Then why are they all still here?
Need a bathroom for me to pee
It’s quite important that no one see
But you would not agree
So who is really motherly?