Happy Fathers Day 2013

Raising four kids can’t be easy. We’ve made you the tough man you are today. You’re welcome.

You’re so careful with this one. She must be the first. That is… until you got confident and placed her on the door ledge.

Wait, which one is this again??

Ok, this one is definitely a boy….

Honestly, I can’t tell these damn kids apart.

The most memorable thing in this picture is getting you in shoes.

The shoes are out of the frame, so we can’t be so sure in this one.

“Honey, I went fishing… great catch. We can’t cook them… we have to grow them till their old and they’ll never leave us alone”

“Went fishing again. These suckers must have got back in the water somehow.”

If we eat it on the floor, it doesn’t matter that the McDonald’s employee probably dropped it on the floor. Us Porats like to outsmart the world one fry at a time.

CHAIR POSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Porats 1: Yoga 0

The most improved chair pose… Porats 2: Yoga 0

Clearly after chair pose, we must refuel our energies with cake…

So triumphant. This must be after you told the guy who bullied osmo that you’d kick his ass if he messed with osmo again.

Couch surfing.

Ima’s not home. Lets sit next to the piano and tell bushy we practiced.


They say that from the minute you’re a father, it’s a full time job. Tell them that you’re way past overtime with no bonus in sight. Here’s to hoping! Happy Father’s Day!!