Spain Sixth Week – Dos Para Uno

Dos Para Uno
If this week was not the definition of an emotional roller coaster then I do not want to find out what is. It consisted of a clash between Dana leaving and Kevin and Lumi arriving,which all happened in about 47 seconds. Seriously from the time I said bye to Dana to the time I saw Kevin and Lumi was not even enough time for me to take a single deep breath. I was elated to find my best friends waiting for me at the end of what would have been a lonely trip back to meet up with the group. They greeted me with genuine joy and it literally was the moment we have been talking about since this summer, the moment when “we are all in Spain together having the time of our lives.”
It was so weird to think how far I’ve come with these guys, we went from being high school friends thinking we are on top of the world, to laying down in my room in Spain talking about what we want to do with the rest of our lives. I know it has only been roughly 2 years since we graduated high school, but we have grown so much as friends. I will never forget Kevin’s step dad’s words when he told us that our friendship is unlike any he’s ever seen before in his life and as long as we continue to push each other in the right direction we can never give up on it. As much as we’ve changed, I can always take solace in the fact that we are changing together rather than growing apart. I’ll just wrap up the cliche mushy gushy part of this blog by saying that I had the time of my life this week with Kevin and Lumi, friends for life.As for a few new things I’ve done this week, I finally got to see the garden of Salamanca and the famous river. I went to the garden one night last week and it is honestly the most peaceful/beautiful part of Salamanca. From the garden you can see the lit up cathedral both new and old as you enjoy the plethora of flowers/trees. I’ll be sure to take pictures for everyone at home to see my new favorite part of Salamanca.
Also on Thursday when we all finally finished our midterms we got to enjoy the beautiful75 degree weather. I know from California this does not sound like a special occasion, but after being here for over a month and only seeing sun for 3 or 4 days you have to soak up every minute of sun you can. I found it rather humorous how much the weather can actually affect the mood of the group. Being a group that comes from a place that is notorious for its sunny weather almost year round, the nonstop cloudy weather definitely created a seemingly permanent gloominess among us. On Friday we took advantage of the weather and spent most of the day out by the river just relaxing and talking.
A little side note, I am learning to cook, which is something I have always secretly wanted to do so everyone at home be prepared to enjoying or pretending to enjoy the meals I’ll be making
I might be going to Morocco this weekend if everything goes as planned so I look forward to telling you about the trip.