Spain Seventh Week – Countdown

Countdown until I leave Salamanca

21 – Days until I leave Salamanca

20 – My age during this journey

19 – The amount of minutes it takes me to get to the Plaza Mayor from my apartment, more often than not I make this trip twice a day.

18 – I missed my brother’s 18th birthday being here. I’ll make it up to him when he comes to visit next week.

17 – The amount of hours that stores/shops are closed here during a 24 hour work day.

16 – The total amount of chipotle burritos I would have eaten had I been at home this entire time, this is an underestimation.

15 – The average amount of minutes I spend on homework daily, with the exception of midterm week.

14 – 14th of May is the optional return date home when I part from my travels with friends and head to Israel.

13 – 1 o clock in Europe, takes a few days to adapt.

12 – The amount of games I had to win at beerpong to get first place.

11 – The total number of times I’ve taken a cab since I got here, I’d rather walk.

10 – The amount of shots you get for 5 euro at Gatsby.

9 – The total amount of days that I’ve seen the sun without any clouds. 4 of them were when we were traveling to the south of Spain.

8 – the amount of visitors I will have had when the trip ends. Ima, Bushy, Tal, Dana, Kevin, Lumi, TinTin, and Freddy. In the order of when they came.

7 – The amount of weeks I’ve been away from home, longest time in years.

6 – The cost of the Chinese buffet I eat at for lunch a few times a week, which coined the saying, “When in Spain … Eat like the Chinese.”

5 – The amount of Universities I am waiting to hear back from, and I will hear from them all by the end of the trip.

4 – The number of people that live with me in a petite, cozy apartment, which is clearly not cut out for people over 6’2. It took 4-5 times of hitting my head as I walked through doors before I remembered to duck.

3 – The number of family dinners left.

2 – The amount of homes I now have.

1 – The amount of chances I have to make this experience worthwhile.