Spain Fifth Week – Road Trip

This last weekend I went on a road trip with Dana, Eric, Chad, and Jonathan, and I can safely say it was one of the most if not the most amazing weekend of my life. We rented a car and saw Sevilla, Malaga, Granada, and Cordoba in 5 wonderful days. Usually on this trip when I have traveled over the weekends I was able to pick out a specific part of the trip that I enjoyed the most. Whereas this weekend was all a blur of BROmantic banter. It was a combination of the carefree attitude and the urge to explore every tiny detail of each city that allowed us to live this weekend to the fullest—pardon the cliché.

Allow me to give you a quick overview of each city in the order that we went there for future travel references or dispute settlements. Sevilla is gorgeous and has a sort of magic to it, its like Eric pointed out, “this whole city looks and feels like downtown Disney.” We stayed there for 2 nights, and then decided to head to Malaga for the day—spur of the moment idea by Chad—in order to see the beach. The weather in Malaga was perfect, we were able to sit on the beach and eat our five-person seafood paella, which is notorious for being the best in Spain. After about three or four hours of sunbathing and eating we decided it was time to leave our mark on this topless beach in Malaga with a nude picture by the Mediterranean sea. Dana and Eric wanted nothing to do with this idea so they walked about 100 feet away from us and turned their backs, while Chad was kind enough to take the picture of Jonathan and me (don’t worry mom this picture is not fully nude and its going no where but my computer).

From Malaga we headed to Granada, which is where we would spend the next few days. Granada in itself was nothing out of the ordinary like Sevilla or Barcelona, yet at the same time I do not regret going. In Granada I could easily pick my two favorite parts: the Alhambra and the Shawarma restaurant that was next door to our hotel where we ate five times during our two night stay. We thought the one employee that worked there behind the counter would start thanking us for supporting half his daily income, but he actually seemed rather disgusted at the fact that we could eat there so many times in so little time. As for Cordoba we only went to see La Mezquita on the way home, which is a mosque that has a Cathedral engulfing it.

I’m sorry for the short posting but I am in a huge rush so if you are reading this make sure you are on my case about posting more about this weekend. Seriously time of my life and I love the friends I have made to death and I wish Dana could stay longer. This makes me look forward to my future travelling adventures with the boys even more, and I want to utilize this next month and a half with them as much as possible. Love you guys.


And my best friends are coming in like 10 hours so I’m going to be a host for 1 more week :)