An Ode to Shaked’s Gallbladder

You’ve been a resident in Shaked for 24 years

One would think getting rid of you, would bring one to tears.

However over time you’ve brought nothing but strife

You don’t do your job, so now you get the knife.


If you’d only aided in digesting some meals,

perhaps we would adhere to your desperate appeals.

But i read on Wikipedia that humans need you not,

we can do well without you. Oh snap! You still feeling hot?


In about a weeks time, Shaked can enjoy foods with fat

chocolates and cheeses and fries, how ’bout that?

Good riddance to you, you organ of woe

(Chukes, will you keep it in a jar, just for memories and show?)


So to all gallbladders out there who try to pull shit,

just know that we’re onto you. you aint so legit.

Shaked I sure hope that you feel better soon,

for now enjoy the drugs that will fly you to the moon.


And if you can smuggle some happy-pills for your pal,

I’m sure she wont mind… it might raise her morale.

But that’s not the point, the point is that you get better quick

so that we can go get some coffee or go catch a flik!