Bushy Birthday 2009


Violets are blue
Roses are yellow
Happy birthday to you
Cause you’re a jolly good fellow!
What words can express
The father you are?
Nothing comes near
On contraire! All goes far

You’re one of a kind
A precious rare stone
None else can be found
And impossible to clone.
All rhymes will sound silly,
Though they might crack a smile
You don’t know how to give an inch
But always a mile

An ocean away
But a gap of a heartbeat
Thank you for everything,
You kept us off main-street!
And it doesn’t matter
That chicken wings you do burn
Of all things to suck at
At least this you can learn

Have a wonderful birthday,
Eat lots of cake
That’s what birthdays are for
Take a break for Christ’s sake!
We miss you a ton
Though we know you were just here
It’s never enough,
You should stay here all year

A wise man once said
That people change for the best
But he didn’t know you…
That in that you were blessed
Already special
And already unique
Happy birthday bushy!
Sent from 4 freckled a-cheek!

Your daughters