Jew Crew – Got Bagels?


It’s a ‘J’ to the ‘E’ to the ‘W’,
Man the Jew Crew is here shit I thought you knew.
It’s NY, to DC, the Bay Area,
Hollywood to Seattle and Georgia,
CA-NA-DA…uh uh,
Hometown Haifa who you got huh?
You got shit nigga feel the size,
It’s the Jew Crew man, better recognize.

Got bagels bitch?
Got bagels?
Got humus?
Got chala?
Got driedals?
Got names like us?
Got fame like us?
Got hoes, got nose, got game like us?

What up? We the shit and we owe y’all fools,
We’re the ones that put the “Jew” in your family jewel.
Can we help it if we got the control of tools?
It don’t matter we’re the government, we make the rules.
“If you ain’t got rice” that was pretty cool,
But the Jew Crew here, taking you to school,
Ask your women if we hot, shit they know they drool,
When they see us driving by on the way to shul.

Got bagels bitch? Got bagels?
Got matsa, gifelte, and kneydles?
Got chaim like us? Got brain like us?
Hell no you goy, you’ll never be like us!

Kiss the mezuza when you enter please,
And don’t say “oy-vey” when you pay us fees.
Don’t worry about the kippa, you’ll get used to it,
The torah, the tsitsit, and that Hebrew shit,
What the hell is that?
You think I don’t see?
No pork in the house! Kosher only!
Go ahead walk around everything you see,
Don’t you touch, oy-givald, that belongs to me!

Got bagels bitch? Got bagels?
Our shit is so hot that it’s fatal,
When you hang with us, it’s a hell of a ride,
We’re thugs for life baby,
Jewish Pride!!!

By: Amir Steinhart and Dan Gamon