Rain is the power of cool fire. Fierce yet gentle, flows but creates its own path, and cries not only for itself, but for the dwindling and decaying world around. These tears that have fallen seeped into my skin and spread through my body like worm, rich caramel. I am the rain. The constant tapping of the gentle water engraves memories of its existence not by force, but by persistence. The brilliant integrity that accomplishes so much. I am the rain. I too set goals and dreams that can only be accomplished over time with patience and consistency. I did not learn to play piano in one quick week; rather, it took many painful years to build a strong foundation, technique, and understanding of the piano.

When the rain hits the ground it does not shatter or break; it either is the first among many drops creating a new puddle, or flows easily with a river or lake. When I fall, I do not let myself shatter. I am the rain. I flow easily with the people around, but I know when to stand up for my own beliefs.

Each drop of water is like a different personality. Some are pure, some are weeping, and some are angry. I am the rain. My personality is built up of many drops. I am a pool of laugher, a sea of passion, a river of hope, and a puddle of anger and frustration. Each different drop moves in a different direction into my soul.

The rain is powerful, loving, and exciting. The rain is heavy tears of smiles and compassion. The rain is a force. I am the rain.


Assignment: In the ‘Joy Luck Club’, Lindo constantly refers to herself as Wind. Compare yourself to a force of nature.