Colors of Courage

Red is deep passion,
The love that stays bold,
Red is the hatred,
the will never unfold.

White is the silence,
That tore through the clouds.
White is the smoke,
That drank up the crowds.

Blue is the sky,
Endless and free,
Blue is the sadness,
That swept over glee.

White is the noise,
That swallowed the city,
The red violent screams,
Yearning for pity.

White is the arrow
that pierced through the heart
Blue is the sorrow
that ripped it apart.

Red is the seed,
That blooms to a rose,
Strong and everlasting
A bond that forever grows

Blue are the ashes
Drowned in warm tears
blue is the braveness
that hid all the fears

White are the ages
That increase with time
And white are the memories
That will remember the crime

Red, White, and Blue
Are the colors of strength
The eternal power
That goes to great lengths

White is the canvass,
For the Red and the Blue
The immeasurable courage,
That will always stay true.

Reflections program: Signs of Courage.