Color of My Life

Yellow shines cool passion; an unspeakable calm. Yellow is the light breeze, caressing the world gently and comfortingly. Yellow is full, and warm, and lustrous; yellow is a smile, vibrant and tender. Yellow is bold heat, yet soft and sensitive. Yellow can be a cool summer sun, a gold medal sinking heavily into the palm of a tired hand, or blazing fire flames, lapping fiercely like five-hundred tongues of starved dogs. When I look at my life, through a life color spectrum, my life is not sorted into a rainbow of colors, but rather, many different shades of the color yellow. Yellow portrays many as pects of my personality and my emotions. Yellow stands as a strong wall in my mind, always reminding me, even in the worst of times, that there is a bright corner that can always cheer me up. For me, in times of grief, in times of pain, times of confusion, or times of misery, the thought of yellow transforms those moments into times of comfort, relief, and understanding.

The sun is a bright and heartwarming shade of yellow. The sun is bold, and seemingly timeless. The yellow sun pours light and happiness into an empty soul. One of my life long philosophies is ‘Make people happy’; just as when yellow rays of sunlight filter thro ugh dark gray clouds and bring a smile onto one’s face. Yet the sun is also stubborn and strong. On a hot summer day, there is no way to bring the sun down from its boiling peak, until it goes down at it’s own pace. From this perspective, my life is yellow because, I too, enjoy parting the clouds from a person’s day, even if only for a mere second. However, I can be stubborn, about an idea or a belief. There are a few things that I believe in that not even the best argument in the world can change, just as an argument cannot convince the sun to cool down.

Yellow summons happiness from the soul. The thought of yellow lif ts heavy weights of black and brown off of my chest. This helps me be more optimistic when I find myself trapped in a deep hole, and it helps me aide others become more optimistic. Sometimes people lose sight of their ‘yellow’. If I keep mine as a vivid block in my mind, I could help others see the rich and blissful color. The color of light, the color of summer, the color of graceful dandelions, the color of gold, and the color of delight; yellow is the color of my life.


Assignment: Gene Forrester from ‘A Separate Peace’ compares his life to olive green; the color of the army. Compare your life to a color.