Blue Night

The dress of a shadow, draped in eerie black,

Swings by back and forth, like an empty sack.

The world’s in deep slumber and the air is quite still,

But the moon is awake, vibrant aloft the hill.

Despite the shadows, and the gloom in the air,

Some laughter is heard, from some being up there.

Laughter from the moon to the stars,

Where no tears are shed over blood or scars.

A night such as this said the stars to the moon,

What a shame such a night will be over soon,

And the moon smiled a smile, of glory and grace,

To calm down the stars, from the evil sun race.

A faint whisper followed, like a warm lullaby,

Words so gentle, like a cool autumn sigh.

My dear dazzling friends, it is time to be gone,

Time to go rest, and bring on the dawn

As the sun came up, from it’s cool watery bed,

The stars gave a look of horror and dread.

And as the moon slowly sank out of sight,

The wind blew the words Don’t forget this blue night.

Assignment: From the list of poem titles that we listed in class, create your own poem using the title. (Sophomore Year)