Like animals we attack, and like animals we think,

The blood and the tears of others we drink.

With bursts of rage, and wars of beasts,

That will later be celebrated over delightful feasts.

The paths that we take, and the way we treat others,

Makes us all ashamed to be brothers.

Living to kill, and hunting our prey,

While our lives and our hearts on a limp thread sway.

In the eyes there is yearning, a cry to break free,

Escape to a place of sunshine and glee.

If the heavens above and the hells below can all get along

Why can’t we be so?

We were all put on earth equal and pure,

What happened to us? Is there a cure?

We came to a state, where ha te reigns supreme,

A nightmare that developed from merely a dream.

Let us hope there’s a day, where the rainbow of brown,

Will turn right side up, no longer a frown.

Await the day until we animals burst,

Humans again, what we were first.


Assignment: From the list of poem titles that we listed in class, create your own poem using the title. (Sophomore Year)