Comedy Todo List

Relationship – moral compass pointing south…, he wants to watch the game and she wants to watch Downton Abbey which doesn’t even have cricket…
Solving CA’s water problem in lake Michigan
Does “I don’t disagree” mean exactly the same as “I agree”? Or does the former imply some degree of indecision whereas the latter is decided? I always use “You’re not wrong” instead of “you’re right”. It takes the weight off of committing to the 100% affirmative 馃檪 same thing as “I don’t disagree” as opposed to “I agree”. I like the double negative because it keeps the audience from letting my agreeing with them go to their heads. How about “I don’t disagree that you’re not [fat, ugly, smart…]”? Chaval al hazman shel mi she doesn’t disagree with me.
Great point. I do this shit all the time and didn’t even realize the effect.

The heart is half way between the head and the genitalia

The 1000th percentile of queue tips (costco visits put you there), shopping for recliners, we ended up at the 1000th…

Nacho pitzuch – eating habits, name for a party, …

I have lost 40 pounds with Photoshop聽聽How photoshop works to make you skinnier – go through the manual…

When is it beverage and when is it drink? Two sides of the cart? Or…

Cogito Ergo Sum [Klum] – first birthday rule

Can vegan procreate? If nursing is allowed then why not…

Why doesn’t anyone complain about the fact that sprouts do not role?

Why march madness in April

Subway – foot long 930 half foot 470

Why third party insurance? What’s the party?

Oshek murshe

Decrying her success

Mevakah Et mar hatzlahoteha

Upon successful exit – declared by the kids to financially independent to work where I wanted

Car as a personal archive – social security / mobile vault, what else did we find in Osmo’s car? Why did we have to clean it? The concept of leasing.

Breaking the sound barrier on highway 5 – should we wait for the penalty

When barbecuing bills do not turn on the gas

Fake id’s for young and old, fake idea for young and old

Half Hazard (bad english…)

Bedtime stories lashahid hakat: kipat barzel aduma, gamad veshivim hashilgiot, utzvetitpotzetzli, …



Eating healthy, down the food chain, much has been said, less so for juices eating our way from fruits to roots. The machines we get create new possibilities to process what a crow cannot digest. Detoxification is what they call it. Barrel enema once a week could provide similar benefits if not better. You can use the same water bottle, don’t mix people and orifices…

Babysitting – two weeks with Naama, Building a relationship around building railroads.

Teaching/studying piano

Tiger moms




Ima polanya

Boys vs. girls